Canes Sanduta with surprise 40 g for girls

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Corn curls Buelo – a delicious treat for the whole family, the taste familiar from childhood. Sweet crispy curls are produced according to high quality standards in Moldova, in the production are NOT used palm oil, artificial flavors and dyes . The main thing – inside is a pleasant surprise for the child, it’s a toy! Every time opening a package of corn curls Buelo – Surprise, the child will be very happy. After all, the probability of repeating the toy is unlikely, since more than 500 types of toys are used in the production! In addition, you can choose a package specifically for boys or girls. Choosing corn curls Surprise from Buelo, you give yourself and your child the joy and pleasure of every purchase!

The composition includes:
-bright beautiful packaging,
-40 g crunchy fresh sweet corn curls,
-entertaining toy for a boy or girl.